You can get a CPN and Tradeline without going to jail. don’t let people scare you. It isn’t rather you have one but how you use it. The main rule is don’t use it for fraud. Examples, of fraud would be identifying yourself to a Government agency. The purpose of a CPN is to protect your social security number.

If you are a victim of fraud or under a witness protection you can use your CPN to apply for credit. Many business owners use it to protect themselves from becoming a victi of fraud. Let’s be real if a company asks someone like Puff Daddy for his social for a credit card, do you think he would really use his social security number. The answer is not likely. Most business owners use a CPN or EIN for credit approvals and transactions, and so can you.

The steps to getting a CPN is not hard but can be detremental if it is not done correctly. This is why people hire professionals to do it.

First find your CPN. You can visit http://stevemorse.org/ssn/ssn.html to look for a CPN. The goal is to use this site to match the first three digits to the state you are from and then find the second two digits that are NOT used by anyone. Once you enter the second set of numbers you should get a result that says “not issued”.

Secondly, you want to find and validate your last four digits. There is no coding per State or any other factor to the last four digits of the CPN, you just have to chosse them randomly. You want the results to say,

Status: According to Social Security Administration data, this SSN has not been issued as of the Social Security Administration’s switch to Randomization on June 25, 2011. Sorry, tis website is unable to verify social security numbers issue after this date.

Once you do that there is a third verification step. Go to https://www.searchbug.com/peoplefinder/verify-ssn-free.aspx to run your CPN to make sure it says,

Year Of Issuance (Reserved For Future Use)
This site charges to check, but it is fairly cheap. You can run 12 sets of CPN’s for 8 dollars.

Key Tips:
You do not want to merge your CPN wuith your social security number. To validate your CPN identity publicly go to www.listyourself.net/ListYourself/listing.jsp which is a free site, and register yourself under an email address, physical address and phoe number that was never used by you. Make sure you have access to this information because the site will call you to verify.

Finally apply for two lines of cedit, to trimerge your CPN with all 3 credit bureaus. For example, Capital One and First Premiere. You will get declined but you are supposed to. This setp is to make sure you show up on Creditkarma. But wait 48 hours to register for CreditKarma. You will then show with a n/a data for your score. In a week you can apply for more things. If you need a car Roadloans.com is the fastest way to get approved for credit prior to the week wait.

You can also purchase a tradeline to build credit or have a close one add you on to their card. this is the same thing as a tradeline except people charge way more than friends and family to place you on their credit cards.

This blog is for educational purposes, AGAIN do NOT Fraud the Government, this is good for credit only!!! Not Sure if you can do it email us at contactme@siloamofficial.com to set up your CPN starting at 150.00. Subject line CPN.


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