Siloam Lackey is a Brand Developer and Blogger dedicated to helping entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses online. She has worked with major brands from the beginning of their thought process to the evolution of the Brand.

Siloam Lackey was born and raised in Chicago, a very culturally diverse city. She has taken on the ever changing cultural and has learned to adapt to her surroundings.

“Seeing so much diversity allowed me to build creativity. It gave me inspiration and a broad outlook on achievement. I have seen people turn strings into a business. We used to get these little plastic strings when we were younger and tie them into key chains. It became so cool that everyone would make them and sell their designs. That kind of environment taught  me how to brand and how to sell.”

Siloam Lackey helps entrepreneurs with funding, creative ideas, notoriety, and planning. To get help with your business email her at contactme@siloamofficial.com


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