Siloam Lackey ( Siloam Nash is her maiden name) was born and raised in Chicago, seeing much diversity she developed a creative soul. She practiced ballet at the age of 9 at Mcclellan Elementary school on the south side of Chicago and sang in the school choirs. By the time she reached high school she was writing her own music and joined a band with school friends called S.W.A.T ( spitting with aggressive truth). She enjoyed writing, it was her artistic expression.
Inspired by many magazines like EBONY, Cosmo, and more, she decided to study Fashion Merchandising during college, at The International Academy of Design and Technology in Chicago. As an adult she took in and out jobs to help support ger family. She found herself working for major companies like Allstate and Comcast, which enhanced her communication skills with the public. She then started her own company “Gyrlversion”, a platform where news is inspired by the things that women enjoy reading about. The online News Site puts the spotlight on Celebrity life as well as the stories of Business women, and how they have evolved into brands. She went a step further, not wanting to only write about success but to build success. She studied and obtained a Web design Certificate.
Her goal is to not only put out information on how many women have become successful, but to help others with their success and developing their online brands. Siloam is the guru of figuring it out.
“It isn’t what you know, it is how you find it out”.


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